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ASIM back issues up for grabs!


Archaeologists recently unearthed some RARE back issue copies of Andromeda Spaceways. Included among them was one solitary copy of the launch issue, ASIM #1. This is now up for auction at eBay, so if you are missing issue 1 from your collection, this may be your last chance to fill in the blanks!
Also coming up are copies of issues 10, 11, 12, 17 and 20, all previously thought to be sold out. Issues 11 and 17 in particular are multi award winners, so if you’re missing them, don’t miss out here!
Issue #1 is on auction NOW at eBay, Item number: 130188135753

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ASIM Best Ofs Now Available – edited by ME!

With help. Press release time:

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. Well, we all know that, but why start at the very beginning when you can simply get the very best? The best of issues 1 to 18 that is, all in one handy package. Well, three handy packages, but for one great price! Um, TWO great prices at least. What are we talking about? Do we know? Yes! The Best Of ASIM anthologies!
Andromeda Spaceways has been producing speculative fiction every two months for the last five years, and shows no sign of giving up this madness any time soon. With around 40,000 words of fiction per issue, that’s a lot of stories! So for our fifth birthday, we decided to give our readers (new and old) a treat.
Tehani Wessely, an ASIM founding member and editor of three issues of Andromeda Spaceways to date (with more to come), got some help from various ASIM members and compiled for your delectation a selection of the very best of the Andromeda Spaceways stories, poetry, artwork and non-fiction from issues 1 to 18 – that’s the first three years of ASIM, condensed to three electronic volumes; Horror, SF and Fantasy.
Each electronic anthology showcases some of the greatest stories published in that genre in ASIM during the first three years. There are some crackers. There are award winners, reader favourites and critically acclaimed gems. There are stories that are just so ASIM that we had to show them to you again, and stories that are so far outside our comfort zone they just had to be included, because they are so damn good. We have stories so popular that this is their third or fourth reprinting, and at least one that may see the silver screen in the not too distant future. In these anthologies we have reprinted stories from authors all over the world, some of whom saw their first published sale in ASIM, others whose names you will recognize instantly. For a full list of contents, check out our website at 


Can you afford not to read these stories? Can you afford to be left out of the loop on Alpha Centuri? No! Get your e-copy of the Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Best Of anthologies NOW.
Individually priced at AUD$10.00, you can get all three anthologies – Best Of SF, Best Of Fantasy and Best Of Horror – for only AUD$20.00. That’s right – buy all three anthologies together and save $10.00! Visit www.andromedaspaceways.com/orderbestof.htm with your Paypal details or credit card handy – you don’t want to miss this!


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