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Retro Review: Dragonhaven (2008)

Robin McKinley

Ace Fantasy (2008)

ISBN: 9780441016433

I came late to falling in love with Robin McKinley. I have no idea how I managed to never read one of her books until last year, but once I did, I was hooked. When I stumbled across Dragonhaven on the front table at a favourite bookstore just before Christmas, I couldn’t resist it, even though my bags to go on holidays already bulged with books to read and review. I’m so pleased I made the impulse buy.

This little paperback is densely packed – the 338 page count is misleading because the typesetting is very small (although still readable), which meant I got a much longer read than I expected. Dragonhaven is also young adult, which is not at all evident from the cover, although it is not unexpected from McKinley, who tends to write in a highly accessible manner, neither patronising nor pandering to YA conventions but still hitting YA buttons. Continue reading

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