Retro Review: Wizard Squared (2010)

K.E. Mills

Harper Voyager (2010)

ISBN: 978 0 7322 8606 4

Rogue Agent #3

Gerald Dunwoody is in trouble again. Well, one version of Gerald is, although it’s not really the Gerald we know and love. That doesn’t mean he won’t have an impact on the “real” Gerald and his friends though, because if there’s one thing Gerald does well, it’s cause trouble on a grand scale – this time, in parallel worlds! When a “what if” scenario in a world similar yet slightly different to the one we’ve come to know in The Accidental Sorcerer and Witches Incorporated means the two worlds diverge, Gerald’s best friend, magical genius Monk Markham, finds himself in a struggle for the future of his world with the Gerald of another dimension.

This series is thoroughly readable and a great magical romp. With echoes of steampunk in the way magic is presented in the world Mills has created, the story leaps off the page and drags you along. As each book unfolds, the characters become more and more real, ensuring the reader is devoted to following their ongoing journeys. Mills’ style is engaging and light-hearted, although this book does go to a darker place than the previous two, which is reflected in a less flippant tone. There were still giggle-out-loud places though, combined with nail-biting tension and tear-jerking scenes as well.

Wizard Squared continues a number of previously established relationships from the earlier books, which is rewarding for the readers of all three novels. These are presented in a way that is accessible to a new reader to the world though, which is a challenge Mills meets admirably. Having said that, the first third of the book is a little confusing, but that’s more to do with the parallel universe aspect (which is understandable), rather than a fault with unfolding the narrative on the author’s part.

This series is a wonderful, fun addition to Australian fantasy, and I look forward to the next instalment in the Rogue Agent cycle.

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