Some of my favourite SF series: A List

Not in response to anything this time, other than a comment on my 30 Favourite Fantasy Series list that suggested separating out the SF is hard. So here’s a list of some of my favourite science fiction series. Again, I’m only listing here books I have read (at least some of the series) and enjoyed and which include at least two books in a defined series. I acknowledge I’m rather under-read in SF compared to Fantasy. I have a fairly broad view of what science fiction looks like – basically if it uses scientific ideas to extrapolate in some way on the world we live in, I’ll include it! And that might be a different way to define in than what you use, which is absolutely fine – wouldn’t the world be dull if we were all the same?

  1. Confederation series by Tanya Huff – I don’t quite know how Huff manages to write in so many different ways, but her military space opera is astonishingly good that combines great action with excellent characters.
  2. Ghatti’s Tale trilogy by Gayle Greeno – similar to the Pern books, the Ghatti books read quite a lot like fantasy, and to be fair, the premise is pretty much the same, except there are cats instead of dragons. I haven’t read these in years, but I loved them when I read them (were you listening? Telepathic cats!) and I wouldn’t mind giving them another look, from a more mature viewpoint.
  3. Imperial Radch trilogy by Ann Leckie – challenging reads but well worth the investment of brain power.
  4. In Death series by JD Robb – I adore these books. They probably fit more appropriately in the police procedural genre but they are set some 40-odd years in the future, and are so much fun to read! There’s dozens of them in the series and every time a new one comes out (thank you Nora (Roberts, JD Robb’s alter ego) for two books per year!), I drop everything else and devour it in a single sitting.
  5. Jacob’s Ladder by Elizabeth Bear – generation ship drama with interesting examinations of religion and mythology.
  6. Newsflesh series by Mira Grant – including the original trilogy and the new collection in the extended series (and there is a new book on the way!) because they are brilliant. I like to call Feed (the first of the trilogy) a science fiction political thriller with zombies. Believable, awful near future zombies. An absolute favourite.
  7. On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis – this is a sneaky sideways inclusion as I’m not sure if Duyvis IS working on more in this world, but she HAS published at least one story with the same setting and including some crossover characters (“And the Rest of Us Wait” in Defying Doomsday from Twelfth Planet Press), so I’m going to give it a pass. Mostly because I adored both book and story for the visceral realism of the world and events as well as the underpinning diversity of the characters.
  8. Orphancorp by Marlee Jane Ward – another that is a bit of a cheat, but I know she’s got the second volume well in hand, so I’ll include it because the first book is so darn powerful.
  9. Pern (also most other McCaffrey) – having recently re-read the entire Pern back catalogue, I feel confident in saying they belong on any science fiction series best of list, let alone just my favourites! Still love these and they can still make me cry. I’m also a bit fan of the Talent and Hive books, and enjoy all the others too.
  10. Saga of the Exiles and Galactic Milieu books by Julian May – I ADORED these (two connected series) when I accidentally discovered them many years ago. I read the series in the wrong order and was delighted to realise they were connected when I discovered the first series. I’m a sucker for psychic powers and a bit of time travel, and the characters of these books absolutely suck you in. I really must look into a re-read to see how they stand up over 30 years after first publication…
  11. Santa Olivia books by Jacqueline Carey – is there such a thing as “urban science fiction”? Because I feel like that’s what this is. Military genetically enhanced humans explaining a “werewolf” storyline. If I can suspend my disbelief, I count it as SF, so this counts. It’s not, for me, as immersive as her Kushiel series, but it’s a completely different reading experience. 
  12. Sentients of Orion quartet by Marianne de Pierres – expansive hard SF from a fantastic Australian author.
  13. The Tribe series by Ambelin Kwaymullina – Australian YA dystopian SF with indigenous roots, solidly explored.
  14. Vatta’s War by Elizabeth Moon – military science fiction (and one of the reasons I get a little twitchy when I see discussions of military SF that don’t mention female writers – Bujold and Huff are the other reasons…).
  15. Veiled Worlds trilogy by Jo Anderton – there’s some discussion about whether these books count as SF or fantasy (one was shortlisted for the Best Fantasy Novel and one of Best SF Novel Aurealis Awards in subsequent years…), but I feel there’s enough play in the world-building to give it the nod.
  16. Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold – given I’ll buy an advance review ecopy of any new Vorkosigan book from the publisher at a ridiculous price, I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan. My favourite thing about this series is that while the premise and worldbuilding is firmly space opera (tending to military SF at times), almost every book is not so secretly built on the foundations of a different genre. It’s clever stuff, and means each book is fresh! Love them.
  17. When We Wake series by Karen Healey – near future YA SF, experimental cryogenics, and a cool conceit for exploring current issues.
  18. Xenogenesis by Octavia Butler – alien invasion, eugenics and saving the remainder of the human race at the core.

Well, that’s me done for a quick overview of my bookshelves and Goodreads. As always, the disclaimer that if I sat down to do this on a different day, I’d almost certainly come up with a different list! Let me know some of YOUR favourites in the comments!


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2 responses to “Some of my favourite SF series: A List

  1. Gene

    You seem pretty well read to me! I also greatly enjoyed Leckie’s Imperial Radch and Butler’s Xenogenesis series, and some of the others you mention here are on my to read list.

    I’m a big fan of Julie Czerneda’s work. I think my personal favourite of hers is the Species Imperative series, but the Webshifters series comes a close second. I also enjoyed Karen Traviss’ Wess’Har series.

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