It’s only five weeks since the holidays ended…

…so it’s perfectly okay that I’m just now posting my “What I Did On My Holidays” list, right?

I took a bit of a social media break on my last school holidays – deleted the apps off my phone, made the decision not to post or comment on my personal FB or Twitter accounts, and try to do something else with my eyes and hands. I had WA Premier’s Book Awards reading to do, lots of TV to catch up on, and I picked up my crocheting again for the first time in forever. I did a lot of chauffeuring of children, and had three catch ups with friends, but otherwise, it was a very quiet break! Quite pleasant, in fact.

Day 1 – shopping trip, birthday party drop off/pick up, reading, caught up on Elementary
Day 2 – home day, G at movies, emptying inbox, reading, finished Second Chance
Day 3 – laundry, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, G stroke clinic, afternoon at Kaaron’s with GUFF guest Jukka, plus Donna, Craig
Day 4 – G stroke clinic, layout for In Your Face, wrote Second Chance review, Agents of Shield
Day 5 – G stroke clinic, lost a day to Candy Crush (never again!), G sleepover, J sleepover, swimming lessons
Day 6 – editing, Naomi visit, D sick, two kids sleepover
Day 7 – J chess, D doctor, photo sorting (hunting old photos for friends)
Day 8 – sleep in, crocheting, finished iZombie S2, finished The Expanse, more photo sorting
Day 9 – started The Walking Dead (famous last words), editing, crocheting
Day 10 – M circus school, G stroke clinic + party, Tehani & M shopping, finished Walking Dead S2
Day 11 – as above M & G, editing & layout, WA Premier’s reading
Day 12 – as above M & G, swimming lessons (+ J), editing, layout for TPP, boys’ haircuts
Day 13 – M circus school, doctors, layout
Day 14 – J chess, blood test, M circus showcase, finished S3 Walking Dead
Day 15 – Jo visit, lunch with Kaaron, watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with loving snark)
Day 16 – Jo left (bacon & pancakes), G swim meet.
Day 17 – finished all the things that didn’t get done before – thank goodness for the public holiday Monday!
I’m sure I’ve forgotten things, but you get the idea 😀

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