2016 NAFF race – voting open now!

NAFF 2015

Welcome to the NAFF race for 2016. The National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF) was created to assist fans to travel across Australia to attend the National Science Fiction Convention (Natcon). NAFF assists fans to travel to the Natcon and covers the costs of airfares and accommodation. The Natcon donates a convention membership. This year’s NAFF race is to the 55th Australian Natcon, Contact, which will be held in Brisbane during Easter, 25– 28 March 2016. It is expected that the winner will produce a report of their trip, engage in fundraising to support future NAFF races, and to help administer the NAFF race for the following two years. All Australian fans are eligible to vote.

The voting process contributes to the fundraising so each vote costs $5. You are more than welcome to donate more than this amount! Votes are being collected by: Tehani Wessely and the candidates. For more information please contact Tehani at editormum75@gmail.com.

You can vote online here with just a few clicks.

Voting opens Wednesday 2 December 2015 and concludes on Wednesday 23 December 2015.

Your candidates for this year:

Liz Barr (VIC)

Since 2013, I’ve been a member of the organising committee for Melbourne’s Continuum convention, serving in the capacities of programmer (C9, 2013); membership officer (C10, 2014); and chair (C11; 2015). With Stephanie Lai, I’ve blogged about fandom, media, social justice, childhood nostalgia trips turned dystopian nightmares and assorted Australiana at no-award.net since 2013.

I have a strong interest in developing and promoting an intersectional and accessible feminism in fandom, promoting Australian genre media, particularly for young adults and children, and also advancing a sinister squid-related agenda and the return of Harold Holt from his watery domain.

Nominated by: Lucy Baker (VIC), Melina Dahms (QLD), and Stephanie Lai (VIC).

Elizabeth Fitzgerald (ACT)

I’ve been a SFF book geek ever since reading The Hobbit at age five. Currently, I run a book blog at Earl Grey Editing and am just starting my fourth term as the Secretary of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild. Over the years, I’ve volunteered with Dewey’s 24-hour readathon and Conflux. I’m an unabashed roleplayer and reader of fanfiction.

I love to connect communities and to create positive relationships between fans and creators. I’ve attended many Confluxes but would like to attend a convention with a stronger focus on fans (and to geek out over books with Kirilee Barker).

Nominated by: Donna Maree Hanson (ACT), Kathleen Jennings (QLD), and Gillian Polack (ACT).

Maureen Flynn (NSW)

I love the speculative fiction community – whether cos playing, attending cons (especially Conflux), judging on the Aurealis, supporting authors at book launches or being a friendly face for all who choose to be part of Australia’s vibrant community. I blog, I read a lot, I write and I love to support and really get to know people. I’ve never been to Contact before, and I’d love to hear the passion of others and share my passion right on back, especially at something at important as a natcon. NAFF would provide me with the financial support to make that happen.

Nominated by: Emily Craven (QLD), David McDonald (VIC), and Kaaron Warren (ACT).

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