Still here!

I’m just going to list the things I’ve been doing instead of blogging, because that might explain why I haven’t been blogging…

  • Marking university assignments and sessional tutoring (two different universities).
  • Writing a subject for Charles Sturt University’s new Masters degree.
  • Reading approximately 8 million books on a deadline for CBCA Book of the Year Awards.
  • Wrangling Aurealis Awards judging.
  • Publishing several books since October.
  • Edited final copy of WA School Library Association journal for 2013 (plus reporting for AGM).
  • Organising birthdays for several of us and Christmas at home for us and a bunch of friends.
  • Trying to maintain a semi-organised and clean house of six people.
  • Maintaining an active social schedule for the children…
  • Applying for several jobs. Failing to get shortlisted for a single Tasmanian one (Tas-mate-ia…), but getting flown up to Canberra for an interview for a fantastic position in a lovely school and being offered the job on the spot. No, we aren’t moving at this stage – I’m going FIFO while David is house-husband!

And probably other stuff I’ve forgotten because I’ve been too damn busy!

Goals for the next four weeks before I start my new job:

  • Sort out and cull the zillions of boxes still not unpacked.
  • Tidy out the kids’ rooms & cupboards.
  • Find a small studio/bedsit/unit to live in while in Canberra.
  • Edit forthcoming FableCroft novel.
  • Sort out (with Tansy) Cranky Ladies pitches for FableCroft.
  • E-publish final Glenda Larke novel in the Isles of Glory trilogy.
  • Finish the final touches on the unit writing for uni.
  • Hang out with kids.
  • Read more CBCA books.
  • Wrangle shortlists for Aurealis Awards.

That should do it!


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2 responses to “Still here!

  1. I think we have about 82 books to go in CBCA, after we finish Box L or whatever we’re almost finished. To be done by 27th February, according to the spreadsheet!

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