Six hours in an airport with four kids … and counting.

I’m taking the kids to visit my parents in Queensland for the school holidays, leaving husband home alone in blissful peace pining for us. Yesterday arvo we got a text from QANTAS saying our Launceston-Melbourne flight was cancelled. Cue panic. Rang to find they’d already replaced the plane, flight still a go – thanks for the heart attack there. Then got a phone call in the evening to say it would be delayed 40 minutes in the morning – not too bad, will still make connecting flight and cop a little extra sleep. We arrived at airport 6.15am, checked in, waited a while, boarded on time as advised. Taxied out, plane began runway speedup…and then slowed down and plane returned to terminal. Technical issues. Disembarked. Fed children very expensive breakfast. Waited. Got food vouchers. Waited. Husband thankfully came to kid wrangle and brought pram for bubs (which we hadn’t thought we would need). Call to say all connections would have luggage unloaded. Collected bags. Eventually new flight arrangements given. Bags rechecked. Waited. Further hour delay advised. Still waiting – now fifteen minutes past revised departure time, and we’ve been at the airport for over six hours. So much for catching the early flight in order to get to Queensland in time to drive out to the parents’ place!! Now we will have to overnight somewhere because there is no way I’m doing a five-six hour drive this late in the day, especially given how little sleep I’ve had the past few nights. Most annoyed. Oh well, I guess that’s what they say about the best laid plans… Oh, and if we don’t get underway in the next 15 minutes or so, we won’t get our new connection to Brisbane either…



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2 responses to “Six hours in an airport with four kids … and counting.

  1. Bubs has behaved beautifully. Master Three is getting feraler and feraler – desperately needs a sleep. But even though I thought they were all being a bit revolting, a nice gentlemen did compliment us on their behaviour earlier, which was nice!

  2. Thoraiya

    OMG you poor thing!!!

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