So, we’ve moved again!

Yes, we just moved three months ago. Yes, moving again so soon hurt, a LOT. And I’m very cross with the owner of the last rental who refused to let us sign for a four month period because she wanted to put the house on the market (house still not on market, nor is it occupied). Grrr. Still, we’re done now, and finally back into a home of our own! It’s been a busy week. I had uni marking due Monday, so had to finish that before I could start packing. Spent Monday arvo & all day Tuesday packing. Removalists came yesterday (and whinged the whole time – not impressed!). They finished about 5.30. Managed to get beds organised for us all, amongst kid commitments (husband bought Chinese home for dinner thank goodness!) and I was zonked out by 9pm. So weary!

Thanks to a baby who only woke for one nighttime feed then slept until nearly 7am, I woke up feeling quite chirpy! Lucky, as today was pretty full on as well!

Today’s achievements included:
Solar installation
Screen doors installed
Foxtel connected
Powerpoint & light switch in new room
Blinds measured up for new room
Cleaning done at old house (not by me!)
Kitchen almost unpacked (by me)
Our bed put together (by husband)

Things not achieved:
All the other boxes
Internet access (Telstra says it’s connected. I’ve borrowed a phone from them to test the line before we escalate to faults).

So. Many. Boxes.

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  1. seantheblogonaut

    I hate moving and its just the two of us, well three if you count the cat. I don’t know how you do it and with a baby and kids. I’d go insane.

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