In search of a nice cup of tea

Two in two days! Yesterday, I finally managed to catch up with the lovely Kate Gordon and her Tiger, along with Monissa, at Swamp (Invermay). It was a noisy and boisterous visit, with Master Three not so sure he liked sharing the spotlight with two babies, but fun, nonetheless. We had completely forgotten that the CBCA Shortlists would be announced that day, so spent a little time checking out the Notables and wondering what might make the grade. And I delivered Kate her author copies of One Small Step, which was great! The tea though, I’m still not sure I can comment on, as ratbag kids meant I didn’t get to enjoy mine at its best. It was looseleaf in a teapot though, with cute little milk bottles! Master Three was impressed with the choccies served on the side as well. I’ll have to give it yet another shot at some point!

Today saw an impromptu catch up with Susan to check out Blue, at the Tramshed at Inveresk. It felt much posher than any of the others I’ve tried in Launceston (and the prices certainly reflected that). The service was good, though the delivery of food was surprisingly slow. And it was really noisy! The tea was just delightful though – I think they use T2 tea (as did Swamp, I think), and the water was super hot! We asked for a hot water top up when we’d finished our first pots and received these quickly, which was great. A really nice one, for sure, though as I said, quite expensive (especially the food). We got a comfy couch though, which was great with Bubs, and even though we were there for nearly two hours, I didn’t feel like they were evil-eying us to move on.


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