Wherein we act a little touristy

LaunchingWe have had a lovely couple of days for the beginning of our extra long, long weekend. The kids took the day off school on Thursday and after a short visit to the new house (which we got the keys for on Wednesday afternoon – very exciting!) we headed down to Hobart. First stop was Hog’s Breath, a favourite for the family – not quite as good as the Rockingham one, we agreed, but very yummy still. We then checked into our apartment, in Salamanca, and rested a bit and got ready for the evening. The purpose of our Hobart trip was to attend the launch of Livia Day’s new book, A Trifle Dead (which I was emcee for). Lovely to catch up with friends there (and of course “Livia” (aka Tansy) and the family), and finally meet some online buddies too! The launch went very well, with Stephanie Smith doing a great job as official launcher.

photo (13)An early night once Miss Seven and I returned to the apartment, but not a restful one thanks to an upset baby in the cot next to my bed, so I was a bit weary by the time we got underway on Good Friday. Still, we started to go the long way home, up the east coast, for something different, but then husband saw signs for Port Arthur and we detoured to visit the Historical Site there. It was astonishing – a MUCH grander scale than I’d imagined, and very interesting. We’ll have to go back, as we were a bit tired for the amount of walking required (and the three year old was getting to “feral” by mid-afternoon!), but I highly recommend a day or two there if you ever get a chance.

We thought we might stay overnight somewhere nearby and maybe go back for a few hours today, but once we got in the car and the two little ones fell asleep, we just decided to keep on driving. Home about 6.30 pm and very pleased to get to bed not too much later!

Today has been pleasantly homely, even entailing cooked (by me) breakfast and lunch! Have been tidying and washing and looking at new things for the new house – I must say, a six day weekend is rather nice.

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