FableCroft News

A quick post about FableCroft’s new books, two of which are being launched at Conflux in ONE MONTH but already here and ready to be posted out!

OneSmallStepCoverdraft1. Publishers Weekly reviewed both The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories by Joanne Anderton and One Small Step, edited by me. FableCroft’s first reviews at PW, which is very exciting!

2. Pre-orders are available at the FableCroft website, and all orders placed now will be posted over the next week – that’s right, before the launch!

3. You can also try your luck to win a copy at Goodreads – details at the FableCroft website.

4. We re-released Tansy Rayner Roberts’ first novel, Splashdance Silver, in ebook a few weeks ago – it’s a fantastically fun read, and super cheap! The sequel novel, Liquid Gold, will also be out soon.

5. Not, strictly speaking, a FableCroft announcement, but I’m off to Hobart on Thursday to help launch Tansy’s newest book, A Trifle Dead (by Livia Day, Tansy’s alter ego). Join us if you can at the Hobart Bookshop, 5.30pm Thursday 28 March, 2013!

6. And I’m merrily working on a couple of other projects that I will be announcing soon – fun!


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