An exciting kind of week

We’ve had a fairly exciting few days around here. First of all, both of FableCroft’s April-release books have arrived nice and early, and they look lovely! It’s a relieved sense of excitement to see the books all printed and fantastic, and ready to go out into the world! The official launch is not until April 26, but if you pre-order before March 31, I’ll send the books out in the first week of April 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 2.53.10 PMLate last week we also had finance approved for the house we’re buying! Yes, yes, we just moved (into a rental) but we’ve been looking to buy and finally found a great house that we fell in love with – it has an indoor heated pool! And a new kitchen! And a nice yard! And rooms! Lots of rooms! We’re really looking forward to living in it (although not, so much, the moving AGAIN!).

Would someone like to let me know where this year is going? It’s the second half of March, it’s nearly EASTER, and the holidays are rocketing on not long after that! In which we have Mum & Dad visiting, and Conflux happening, and oh my goodness, time does fly!!

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