In search of a good cup of tea (and a bookstore)

I DECLARE THE SEARCH IS OVER! Today we found a lovely cafe in a central Launceston location that served REAL TEA! Really hot! At great prices and with fantastic service!

The Kameo Coffee Lounge, in St John Street, is lovely. It has a misleadingly small entry, but extends into a larger area and outside space, and we managed to fit the pram through the aisle with no real issue. And they certainly didn’t mind. I saw them assist other mums to find a spot, and the cafe is very child friendly, with toys, colouring table and highchairs available. It’s not posh, and probably some people won’t LIKE the child-friendliness, but I sure do. The service is excellent – efficient and genuinely friendly. Husband and I enjoyed a brunch breakfast meal which was well-priced, well-cooked and generously portioned. And the TEA! We ordered tea for two and we got china teapot with loose leaf tea, super hot, with a second jug of super hot water to top up with, and a generous jug of milk. Lovely! And very yummy. I unreservedly recommend this one, and will go back any time I’m in the CBD. Will have to take a coffee-drinker with me to see if the coffee is as nice as the tea 🙂

Oh, and it is very conveniently located next to the excellent Fullers Launceston bookshop. Which is not necessarily a good thing, because it means you will almost certainly walk away poorer than you walked in, thanks to their fantastic range – despite my love of online book buying and the ease of Kindle buying, I always find something in Fullers on my “must read” list! And they have a great Doctor Who range – being the ABC shop too. Nella is very involved in CBCA and is an excellent enabler for YA and kids books, particularly!

So yes, two thumbs way up for Kameo Coffee Lounge. But I won’t really stop questing for good cups of tea, because the search is such fun!

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