In search of a good cup of tea

Today I tried a new place, on the recommendation of Monissa (who joined me!). We met up at the QVMAG (Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery) cafe. It was unprepossessing – disappointing decor for a cafe in a cool museum/art space, though a converted train carriage does act as seating space, which is cool. The tea itself was pleasant enough, though teabag in a teapot. Nice china jug for milk, and interesting cups (nothing matched, which my mum would have conniptions about!) but regular Twinings English Breakfast. Nice, but no standout.

A bit disappointing that the lady running the cafe actually arrived well after the advertised opening time of 10am, and took some time to set up (no rush to serve us). And there was next to nothing by the way of food – blueberry muffins from the fridge, nothing savoury.

However, I’m really glad we went. Firstly, I got to catch up with Monissa, which was lovely! Secondly, I finally visited the QVMAG, which I highly recommend – it’s free and there’s heaps to look at & interact with. And it was VERY pram (and hopefully, by extrapolation, wheelchair) friendly. We’ll be going back soon!

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