In search of a good cup of tea

I like a nice cup of tea. I’m quite content with a good teabag at home, though I experiment with loose tea in a pot too. But I’ve noticed recently how hard it is to get a decent cup when we’re out and about. So few places offer an authentic tea drinking experience! When I pay for tea (and I’m not talking about anything fancy, just a regular tea), I would like loose leaf tea in a teapot, with a china cup. I don’t want a teabag in a teapot. I don’t want a takeaway cup when I’m sitting in. I don’t want a cup of hot water where I pay for the privilege of making it myself! It’s really starting to bug me, so I’m going to document my quest for a great tea drinking experience!

I want to note that since I’ve been in Launceston, the nicest cup of tea I’ve had (apart from those drunk at the Flinthart residence, made with rainwater and Real milk!) has, weirdly, been at the Bunnings cafe – teabag tea, but really nice! That’s just not right…

Some places tried thus far:
I like the local Banjos stores for their kid-friendly atmosphere and yummy food, but the make your own tea thing is annoying.

Gloria Jeans, Kings Meadows: wouldn’t normally go into a GJ just on principle, but husband wanted to try it. I won’t go back. Got hot water in a takeaway cup with a teabag, in a sit down cafe. Service was friendly enough, but no.

Le Cafe, East Launceston: tried this out this morning. It’s a tiny little place, but has great customer service. Sadly though, it was a Twinings teabag in a pot. I can drink Twinings at home! Nice menu and atmosphere though.

Holy Guacamole, Launceston: fairly slow service in this purported Mexican restaurant/coffee shop – I think the place has a bit of an identity crisis! Again, teabag in a teapot, and I had to ask for extra milk here, as it was a bit stingy. An interesting experience.

Relax Cafe and Espresso Bar, Newstead: another tiny cafe, only had four tables I think, and another teabag cuppa. Very generic.

Swamp Cafe, Invermay: pleasant service and reasonable food range, but teabag in a pot.

I think that’s about the only cafes I’ve tried so far. Am now on the hunt for somewhere I can get a proper tea experience! Any recommendations?


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7 responses to “In search of a good cup of tea

  1. I was in Melbourne last weekend and was impressed that both times I ordered tea, it was real, leaf tea. One of those times was in a hotel bar, where I really didn’t expect that.

    I like leaf tea and usually drink leaf tea at home or at work. I don’t mind tea bags, as long as they are done properly! If the water isn’t properly hot, the tea will not be good. Far to many places:
    * Put milk in with the teabag: ugh. I don’t always even bother drinking this, though I’ve always paid without complaining. If I think they might do this, I make a point of asking for the milk on the side.
    * Deliver the tea-bag longside a cup or pot of water that was probably hot ten minutes ago in the kitchen, but isn’t by the time it gets to me; or
    * Use not-quite-hot water from a coffee machine to make tea.

  2. Monissa Whiteley

    The one in the QVMAG at Inveresk used to be good, pot tea even, but it closed down and now I think it has different owners, and I’m not absolutely sure it’s open again, although I think I regularly walk past a sign that says it’s open. Want to give it a try on Tuesday (or the following Monday/Tuesday if that doesn’t work).

    (Since I suggested catching up, I suddenly found myself with no free days, except today when I’m supposed to be staying home.)

  3. We totally have to have high tea some time! Hadleys in Hobart is the best.

    Also good is when cafes offer Devonshire tea because scones and jam and cream PLUS tea!

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