What I’ve been listening to

I don’t get an awful lot of time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks anymore. I don’t do huge chunks of driving as often as I used to, and when I do, it’s almost always with kids in the car. However, when I DO get the chance, I try to catch up on my local spec fic podcasters.

Here’s something you should know about me: I’m relatively intelligent, but the thing is, my spec fic circle friends are all WAY smarter and better read and cooler about EVERYTHING than me! And my spec fic friends feature in all the podcasts I enjoy listening to, because I’m okay with being the least smart person in a room and live to learn 🙂

For my sins, my favourite podcast at the moment is the irreverent, completely un-politically correct, yet smart, interesting and absolutely hilarious Shooting the Poo. I know Mondy & Mitch in real life, and listening to those two, and Dave (with occasional commentary from the awesome Kirstyn McDermott) is a hoot, as well as being surprisingly educational! At times I shake my head in disbelief at what they say, but the breadth of their knowledge is quite fascinating. And they make me laugh.

Kirstyn and Mondy create another favourite, The Writer and the Critic. I don’t mind spoilers, so I listen to all their podcast-y reviews, and have bought and read a number of the books they recommended. Smart, thoughtful and diverse dissection of a broad range of books, with bonus banter!

Could hardly talk about podcasts without talking about the one that helped kickstart the others. The Hugo-nominated Galactic Suburbia is made up of three friends of mine, Alisa, Alex and Tansy. GS chats range far and wide in content, but their perspectives and depth of discussion is fascinating and view-changing.

I also really enjoy Grant Watson’s Bad Film Diaries, and hope he will start recording them again soon. Grant’s insights into and encyclopedic knowledge about film is amazing, and I thoroughly enjoy listening to his manic delivery!

And those are the only ones I currently keep up with! I have got a couple of new ones I’m keen to get into: Verity! and Splendid Chaps both sound great. I also hope to catch up on the Podmentum, Last Short Story, Galactic Chat and Adventures of a Bookonaut podcasts real soon!

So, what are YOU listening to?

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