Could I borrow a cup of motivation, please?

It’s been two weeks since my last update and I’ve lost all motivation to do things! We’ve moved, I’ve handed the keys back on the old house (after a number of annoying issues with the removalists and exit stuff, but anyway, moving on) and now I’m supposed to be unpacking. I’m procrastinating on this by working on publishing (which, if you’re going to procrastinate, is a good compromise) and actually getting through some reading again, for the first time in months. Heck, I even did some applying/sounding out for some employment today, that’s how much in avoidance mode I am! I have finally managed to finish in the kitchen, and the living area is basically habitable now. There are no built-ins in two of the three kids’ rooms upstairs, so their clothes are not getting unpacked until I manage to source some sort of wardrobe/drawer arrangement and they just have school uniforms and a couple of other things and I’m washing daily! Ditto for me, with just a couple of outfits, as I haven’t yet mustered the enthusiasm to tackle our bedroom. And the home internet is not yet working; if it’s not on by midday tomorrow, I have to get back on the phone to Telstra, which is always enjoyable. *sigh* I think I’m mostly worried that we won’t really be here for long, and I don’t want to settle in and get everything unpacked just to turn around and have to repack it all again! Don’t ask…

But otherwise, things are going well. The kids are settled back into school, and the extra-curricular activities are starting to flow. More chauffeuring around for me, but great for them, with lots of opportunities. Master Three is really enjoying his two half days at pre-kindy at YMCA, though I’m not loving the hours, so not sure we’ll keep that up. He waved me off very happily from daycare today though, for the first time in six months, so might suck it up and pay a couple of days a week for that instead. If I get some work, I’ll need some time sans active little man, though Bub is getting more interested in doing things now, so will be interesting to see how we manage that!

The 12WBT started properly this week and I’ve been absolutely shocking since last week. Need to re-find the willpower I found so easily in January! I think I’m in a moving funk now. I will be fine soon!

Anyway, might head off for another early night with a good book, and hopefully, things are easier tomorrow. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Here, have a cute baby photo 🙂

photo (11)

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