Welcome to the end of the month

How is it the end of January already?! Time is definitely speeding up, I’m certain of it!

Big news this week is we finally got a house to rent! It’s even in the same area as we’re already in, though not nearly as conveniently located and being quite a bit dearer than we’re already paying. However, it’s a bit bigger (5 x 3!), and is in a nice quiet cul de sac, so should be a good move. Removalists booked in for next Friday, so now really have to get moving on the packing thing. Yuck.

I’ve been madly editing away, trying to get One Small Step and The Bone Chime Song both heading to print-readiness. Of course, spending a heap of time on FableCroft has also resulted in spending a heap MORE time on FableCroft as it winds me up to do other things too! Like this post about FableCroft’s awards eligibility for the year ahead! And investigating review outlets. And looking into new projects… Eep!

What else? Kids are swimming again this week, which has been fantastic. The cost is a bit steep, compared to the wonderful Vac Swim program we loved in WA, but I’m really happy with their progress and will definitely find a weekly lesson for them through the term. And we’re gearing up for back to school (next Tuesday) with a trip to the uniform shop on Tuesday, and we do the school book pickup today (or maybe tomorrow – I’ve had bugger all sleep so may not be bothered today!).

Wessely kidsOh, and we had the child health checkup for bubs this week – he’s doing well 🙂 Growing perfectly on the curve (top of the average for his weight, which was to be expected!) and looking good. He’s a little sweetie whose new chuckles are SO infectious! Adorable.

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