Running on the spot

Feels like I’m constantly trying to get things done right now and for every step forward I make, another ten steps appear! Top of the list is the house hunting, which is proving depressing. Have applications in on a few places, one that we’ve now been waiting over a week to hear from (and of course, it’s the one we really like, and knowing our luck, we’ll get it, after I’ve spent a week stressing and wasting time looking at a bunch of others!). Have had one rejection so far, and am at the point of looking to a) pay more money, b) look in less convenient suburbs and c) think about smaller places. None of these things are ideal, but we’re getting a bit desperate. Did I mention we’re supposed to be out by next Friday? Ha.

Another thing taking up a lot more time than anticipated is the Aurealis Awards. Entries closed in late December, but we’re still trying to chase down works that haven’t been received by the judges. We’ve noticed particularly that some publishers entered works that they then didn’t send, which is a bit unfair to the authors who think their works have been considered. So I’ve been doing lots of emailing to entrants, and sometimes to the authors of works, to try to ensure fairness and inclusivity, which are big goals of mine for the Awards. And we’re getting there! But it’s been time consuming.

I’ve also been doing a lot of FableCroft work – got a little roll on over the past week, and FINALLY managed to get ebook versions of Epilogue and After the Rain up at both Amazon Kindle and Wizard’s Tower Books. I’m very pleased to have finally jumped that hurdle, and look forward to bringing out the 2013 books in all formats much more quickly!

And that’s what ELSE I’ve been doing! Working on 2013 books! FableCroft announced that we’ll be doing Joanne Anderton’s debut short story collection, The Bone Chime Song and other stories (April), and I’ve been working on One Small Step as well, and a couple of other projects that we’re not quite ready to announce yet, but will be really soon!

We’ve also had lots of socialising (the kids mostly) and more visits from the Merrick-Woods family, and swimming lessons started this week, which is a chunk out of each morning. But the house isn’t a hideous mess, the washing etc seems relatively up to date, and I’m not yet a blibbering mess on the floor. Have I started packing? Erm, no, not really. I keep thinking I should though! Next!

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