A chance to rest, a chance to post

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind week. I came home from hospital on Monday and haven’t been much with it since. Baby has been a bit tricky on night sleeping and has caused a bit of havoc with feeding. I’ve sleep with him on the recliner for two nights, but last night he slept for four hours at a stretch, and he’s been quite happy to go in the cot during the day, so we’ll try the cot again tonight. I also got the expressing machine out today and got three feeds ready in advance, as a start on fixing that problem – he’s taken the bottle no worries, giving my body a break!

And to top it off, Master Two and Baby both slept this afternoon & so did I! We went out this morning (to the Maccas up the road with friends – big outing!) and walked around a bit getting a couple of jobs done too. Baby had a big awake time while we were out, and we wore him out! It was lovely to stretch out in bed this afternoon. I woke up just as a friend arrived home with Miss Seven from school (so grateful!) and both boys woke up – timing!

Am only getting emails etc via phone mostly, and not responding to much just yet – once we get some routines established hopefully can start to get back to normal!

He’s a beautiful baby though 🙂

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