Welcome to the world

On Thursday 8 November at 9.37am, we welcomed Daniel Rory Wessely to our family. Born by caesarean section at Launceston General Hospital, he weighed 4490g (9 pound 14), was 53cm long with a 38cm head circumference.

We’ve been getting to know our new baby over the last two days. He’s quite a lovely little fellow. Very placid, an excellent feeder, and he loves cuddles. His preferred sleeping position is on my chest 🙂 The big kids are quite enamoured and I’m looking forward to getting home so they can spend some proper time with him. Daddy is besotted, of course!

The hospital has been great – midwife for caesar was lovely, as are all the other staff. Even the food has been quite good! It’s luckily been fairly quiet for babies this past couple of days so I have had the shared twin room to myself.

We did have a few unexpected dramas – after four good pregnancies & straightforward caesars with the other three, we kept the excitement until last! I got quite nauseous during the op, which hasn’t happened in the past – this despite the anti-nausea meds prescribed by the doctor (first time!). Otherwise, all went well – uneventful day, but not long after the family all arrived for kids to meet their new baby brother (around 5pm), my heart started racing & I couldn’t stop it. Luckily a nurse was trying to take my stats at the time – she dashed for the doctor, who called a med-alert. There were about 15 people in my room within about two minutes! Apparently my heart rate went up to around 210, which is crazy. Things settled fairly quickly, but then I was on a monitor for the night (no further issues!). Doc thinks it may have been caused by dehydration (fluid loss from op) – have everyone a bit of a scare!

But that wasn’t all – bub also gave us a fright with a mucus issue which caused him to have a “dusky” event! Same poor nurse, but she was great and with some time hanging out with the nurses while I slept later on, he was fine. It’s fairly normal for caesar bubs to have mucus problems, but he was naughty & held his breath instead of getting things out! And just for one final bit of fun, after my good nap while bub was with the nurses, I woke up at 3am with a massively swollen arm! The fluids they were pushing to combat dehydration & loss caused “tissuing”, and the arm around & above the cannula puffed up crazily! They removed the line and Luckily they decided I could go without the fluids after that, and it was almost back to normal by morning.

So we had our bit of excitement! Bub and I are both fine now though. I’ve been up and about, a bit gingerly, but getting better quickly. He’s a champ – feeding well and sleeping (mostly on me but in the bassinet too!) beautifully, and wide eyed with interest when he’s awake!

We’ve had so many lovely messages from people – thank you to everyone who has texted, facebooked or tweeted – your thoughts are appreciated! And I’m taking loads of photos – thank goodness for iPhone! (Unfortunately, i can’t upload any here!) You’ll no doubt see lots more of him 🙂


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6 responses to “Welcome to the world

  1. Congratulation, and best wishes to mum and bub! H.T. To Dad, but seriously dad, she did all the hard work. 🙂


    Welcome Daneil! GOOD JOB TEHANI!

  3. Congratulations, Tehani! May baby Daniel have lots of fairy godmothers in his life and no spindles at all.

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