Officially unemployed

Today was the final day of my contract for the university sessional work I was doing. Of course, I’ll still monitor the forum for a couple more days, and I’m running a pre-exam chat for the students on Sunday, but I’m officially done. And that means officially unemployed, for the first time in a LONG time. I haven’t been formally jobless since we moved to WA, and even then I was actually still on the books with the QLD Education Department when we moved, and I got my job at Kolbe within two days of touchdown in Perth! It’s a little odd, especially knowing that I’m really not going to be in a position to look for a permanent job (outside of work I can do from home, with two small children underfoot) for at least two years (when Master Two hits school) or longer. Not bad odd, but I really am not sure how I feel about not having a steady pay coming in right now. It usually makes me rather nervous, which makes me find work, even when I shouldn’t really do that! Hopefully that feeling will go away come Thursday when new baby arrives and keeps me too busy for silly thoughts 🙂

We’ve had a pretty social week – I finally finished the marking last Friday, and revelled in the “no more marking” haze over the weekend. Saturday the kids and I went out to the Flinthart residence at Scottsdale for a catch up, as we hadn’t seen the clan for a number of weeks. Very nice day indeed! Sunday was apparently party day – Master Nine had a friend’s birthday to attend, while Miss Seven later went to a Hallowe’en party (I’m not a Hallowe’en fan, but her entire class was invited). Between chauffeuring them about, we visited the local park where I got very cross over the way some local teens have ownership of the kids’ playground, particularly when one decided she could reprimand M7 for USING THE EQUIPMENT!!! Grrrr, Mummy Hulk saw RED! Spoke strongly to said teen and her friends about their lack of respect, and came home and wrote a letter to the newspaper. No idea if it has been published, but it made me feel better!

Took M2 swimming on Monday, had a very relaxing day wandering in Launceston city on Tuesday (got my hair done and a few other bits and bobs, as well as had a hospital appointment – finally got to see the maternity ward!), drove out to Fingal and St Marys with a friend to see the schools on Wednesday, had a very quiet day at home on Thursday (child-free but didn’t achieve much – think I just needed a day off!) and visited again this morning before spending much of the afternoon shopping for M9’s upcoming school camp. We’ve been pretty social when we can, knowing that we’ll be a bit more limited for a couple of weeks after baby. My aunt is coming to help for a few days later this week, which will be fantastic, but recovery from the caesarean will mean I will need to ease back on the gallivanting a little. Hopefully people will come visit me!

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