All about the marking

After three and a half assignments worth of marking in the space of a few weeks, seems like I’m finally in the swing of it! This batch has been going really smoothly, and I’ve now got more behind me than ahead of me, which is very nice. Will do a couple more tonight, and finish the rest off during my child-free day tomorrow. And then I’m DONE! One more week of monitoring the online forum and supporting the students in the pre-examination stress, and that’s dusted. And I’ll be officially unemployed for a few months. Weird feeling!

Yesterday was pretty much just about marking (although there were a lot of Aurealis Awards emails, which was interesting). Today, we all slept in a bit, then Master Two and I dropped the big kids off at school, dropped two boxes of baby clothes on Miss Cackle’s front porch, and dropped into Maccas for brekkie and a play, before heading to the park for the community Teddy Bears’ picnic. LOTS of people, LOTS of kids, but quite a lot to do as well – M2 had fun for the hour we were there, so that’s a win.

He was pretty weary when we got home, so I got a bit of marking done while he mooched about and then slept. Picked the big kids up, popped into the shops, got the big ones haircuts, as well as a few other little jobs done, came home and slave laboured them into a tidy up! They are now happily playing Pokemon on the Wii & DSi (M2 watching something on “Paddy”) and I get to keep marking! And write this blog post. Off again now!

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