Getting there, slowly

Starting to accept I need a nanna nap in the middle of the day – has become a habit over the past few days, and while I feel bleaurgh immediately on getting up, I am more productive thereafter. It probably doesn’t help when I stay up until nearly 1am reading though! (The offending book was Quintana of Charyn by Melina Marchetta – so good!).

Looking very handsome with his lovely even haircut!

Master Two and I had a nice morning – wandered around Bunnings looking for a couple of things we needed, stopping for playground time and a very nice cup of tea. Then we meandered around our local shopping centre, where he got a much needed haircut and we discovered that watching Timmy Time on the iPhone distracts him from the usual screaming and flinching we have been putting up with for the last two years of hair cuts! Win! I was so pleased with him he not only got the hairdresser lollipop, he got a little “Big Red Car” from the toyshop AND a new Maisie book.

Didn’t achieve much between getting home and unpacking groceries and heading to pick Miss Seven up (which was a bust, cos she wangled an invite to a friend’s house instead!) but came home to clean out her cupboard. Now have four more bags of clothes for her friend who is older but far more petite than she! Spent time yesterday sorting clothes as well, and have two boxes for a teeny bub and two bags for my niece as well. Good to have all these little girls to pass things on to, but a little sad to be getting rid of them all.

I need to spend the next few days marking assignments, but hopefully will be finished on Thursday, which gives me two weeks to finish all the “nesting” I want to achieve! Got the beds moved about yesterday and Master Two coping with his new sleeping spot (it’s a shared space with his sister’s toys and clothes; next job is to move his clothes into there and properly set up for the baby in the other room!). Busy times, but getting there!

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  1. I love Timmy 😀

    …he’s a little lamb with a lot to learn…lalalaaa…

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