While I procrastinate a little more

I’m avoiding making dinner (it’s only going to be spaghetti on toast, but I’m still procrastinating!), so I thought I’d quickly update.

Am a bit weary today – I know I should give myself a break, as I’m nine months pregnant, but I generally feel fine, so tend to overdo! I finished my second last batch of marking on Thursday and have given myself the weekend off “paid” work to catch up on other things. Those other things haven’t really been achieved today, but I have managed to go to a book launch and take Master Two to a birthday party in the park, so I have still accomplished something! Just the boys and me tonight until husband gets home (not expecting him for at least another hour – his new machine arrived yesterday, which is very exciting!), as Miss Seven is staying at a friend’s house.

Yesterday was sociable – M2 and I did a spot of shopping after we dropped the big kids at school, then met with friends at Treasure Island (or “Pirate Island” as he calls it!) for another long play. Scarpered home for him to have a VERY short sleep, picked big kids up, home for a brief interlude and then out again for M7’s school play. Bit tired by the end of that, especially as she was in hysterics afterwards for no particular reason other than she’d had a big week I think!

Tomorrow looks pleasant as we have no formal plans, so hopefully can catch up on the laundry and other bits and bobs. Need to get baby and hospital bag packed properly (just in case) and want to finish sorting out the last box(es?) of kids clothes. Would really like to get the kids’ rooms moved around in prep for baby too, but will need husband to muscle the beds. And of course, now we’re looking like moving in December, I’m starting to look at the shed and think, what needs re-packing properly? What can be got rid of? Already know we won’t need M7’s bed any more, but not sure it’s worth trying to sell as it’s covered in stickers and scribbles beautiful artwork! Urgh, so much to do. I hate moving, though by now at least I am pretty good at the process!

Master Two with his mask (he may have had a little help)

Miss Seven at the book launch after mask making

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