36 weeks!

We hit 36 weeks pregnant yesterday. All well, though doctor said at yesterday’s appointment, “There’s a big baby in there!” which is a little worrisome re possible early arrival! He also got sweetly excited when we were looking at my appointments over the next couple of weeks: “So we’ll see you here next week, then you’ve got a hospital appointment the week after, and then (astonished look as if this only just occurs to him), and then it’s BABY!” I like him 🙂 Which reminds me, I really need to take a belly photo before there’s no (baby) belly left to photograph.

Today Master Two and I went for a big drive out to Fingal, near where husband’s mining project is, to look at a house for sale. We liked it – part of it is almost 100 years old, but it’s been added on to and well-refurbished. On seven acres but “in town” (for a given value of “town”), and terribly affordable, if we’re happy to move away from all our lovely conveniences and social life. We’re considering. If some friends of ours who think it’s rather nice don’t jump in and buy it first!

This week has been all about marking, except for today. Just a couple left of this batch then I have 16 or so due this week to knock over next week, and then I’m free! I’ve actually been quite enjoying the marking, as some students have done a really good job which is almost professional development for me. Some not so great ones too, but almost always some interesting ideas. Wish they didn’t take so long to work through though, cos I’ve lots of other things to do!

Husband is having the day at home tomorrow so hope to get him to move some beds around – need to switch Master Two into a different bedroom in prep for baby, while Miss Seven and Master Ten will be sharing for a few months, until the baby and M2 can be put in the same room. It’s a fun jigsaw puzzle, which will hopefully work for the shortish time it needs to. Given everyone gets shifted about when we have visitors anyway, should be fine.

Spent some time (too much time, thanks to Facebook’s stupid systems!) last night doing a major cull of my Facebook “friends”. I went through a long stage of seeing how FB worked as a professional connections tool, and while I think it has merit, I’ve realised I really don’t have time to maintain the number of “friends” I had there. I’ve cut it back to about a third of what it was, keeping pretty much family, people I know in real life and some people who I really do enjoy following and interacting with online. Many people I culled I follow on Twitter or read their blogs, so I’m pretty sure I’ll still keep in the loop! 🙂

Need to try for a decent night’s sleep tonight – last two have been a bit woeful, and need a good night to work with tomorrow, attacking the marking again! Night all!

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