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Husband received a phone call way too early this morning which woke us all up. Result? Overtired and very cranky household (especially mummy) on a public holiday. *sigh* Anyway, got up and started tidying up – have spent the past couple of days focussing on academic marking, and the few days before that on visitors, parties and slushing for One Small Step, so while the house wasn’t horrible, it does need a good talking to.

We had Miss Seven’s birthday and party on the weekend. I went for the easy route of a McDonald’s party (there’s one a five minute walk up the street) which was wonderful – I figured at 35 weeks pregnant, I didn’t need the hassle of organising anything more challenging! 10 little girls and a few parents, a lovely big party room and not one but TWO party hosts made for a fairly pleasant couple of hours (very cranky two year old perhaps the only blot, but his father dealt with him so that was nice!). Lots of photos on my Facebook page, if anyone is interested. We had Tansy, Finchy and the girls on the Saturday night before the party, which was also lovely – not good in that of course Tansy and I get all the creative juices flowing which means more work later on, but that is to be expected! I did manage to work my way through most of our bags/boxes of kids’ clothes in the quest to sort them out – a little scary when I realised exactly how MANY baby things we actually have! But gave Tansy four bags for Jem, sorted another bag for my niece and one for MauMau Flinthart, as well as finding next size up for M2 and about a million things for baby. Getting organised, slowly.

I’m a bit nervous that this baby is going to buck the trend and be the one that comes early. I was very pleased when husband took time off this month so he would be home, because getting him here from WA if things did happen would have been unlikely! I have work right up until the end of the month, and am working on a few FableCroft projects as well, plus the usual socialising and trying to get things organised for baby, so I can’t afford for this one to be early! Which is, naturally, why it would 🙂 Fingers (and legs) crossed for planned arrival!

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