We have a date!

Probably the most interesting thing that has happened this week is we have a caesarean date! Barring unforeseen early arrivals (none of the others showed any sign of coming early, so fingers – and legs! – crossed!), new baby will arrive on November 8. Which is speeding closer way faster than I like! The doctor, nursing and admin staff at the Launceston General Hospital antenatal section are really very nice.

We’re getting organised – yesterday Master Two and I went birthday present shopping for Master Nine and Miss Six (7 on Sunday!), and picked up the last few maternity and new baby things. We have visitors coming this weekend (and despite the universe’s best efforts at making me go to five different things on Saturday, I’m not doing any, though we have M6’s party on Sunday), after which I’ll think again about how I’m going to restructure the kids’ rooms before baby. And then start getting things moved around. Have to go through all the kids’ clothes again too – time for a giveaway of M6’s clothes, a shuffle up of new size for M2 and uncover all the baby things!

It is very nice not working outside the home – seems to be easier to keep the house fairly tidy, and stay on top of other stuff. I lost most of today to socialising (well, there was a bit of work related stuff as well!), but still did dinner, got the washing done and tidied the house. And did some slushing! Need to achieve more than that to get things done, but not bad for a social day 🙂

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