It’s not until you travel with three children while 31-33 weeks pregnant that you really appreciate being at home! At least, that’s what I feel like right now 🙂 It’s been a very busy but lovely 12 days away, which we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed, but oh, it’s so nice to be back in our own space, our own BEDS! I felt like we caught up with lots and lots of friends and family, although there are always a few who you just can’t co-ordinate with, which is sad. And some who you only manage to see in groups, with lots of noisy children demanding attention (sorry Cecily!), but at least it’s still nice to say hello and have a bit of a catch up 🙂 Will have photos of various points during the trip sometime over the next few days probably – S-i-L and I managed to get all six kids lined up on Monday morning for some photos, which will hopefully nett at least a couple of nice ones between us. Small children don’t have the attention span for a long photo shoot, surprisingly enough!

I’m glad we took the time to break our trip from Miles to Brisbane over two days. Well worth the money spent on a motel on Monday night, even if I didn’t get all that much sleep (blaming pregnancy insomnia, but all of us sleeping in one motel room didn’t help!), and it meant we got to have dinner with another family of friends at Sizzler, which the kids love. Kids were fairly well behaved during travels, despite being squished into the back of tiny hire car because the only place the extra suitcase would fit was the front seat (!), though Master Two could have slept on the plane for me, rather than in the car on the way home from the airport!

In the 24 hours or so we’ve been home, I’ve wrangled my inbox and managed to have a variety of social outings or visits, all of which were unexpected. Have a day to myself tomorrow, so will unpack the suitcases then. Really I will.

Good to be home.


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2 responses to “Home!

  1. Cecily

    Good to hear everyone has arrived home safely! I was so pleased to see you and your beautiful growing family in Miles on Friday. You have amazing energy, GIRL!!
    Talk to you soon,

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