How are those holidays going?

Well, doing okay. Where are we at on the list?

1. Finish marking batch 2 – already underway and cruising. Much simpler marking than the last batch, thank goodness, and half the amount!


2. Write a bunch of book reviews. I can see six books from here that are read but not yet reviewed, and have two more on the shelf with deadlines.

3. Schedule a bunch of reviews for ASif! and WASLA Reviews. Also follow up some outstanding reviews for WASLA.

4. Start work on issue 3 of ic3 (deadline for copy is the 15th, so can begin layout/editing what I’ve got).

5. File the darn filing! Tax is with accountant, so these four baskets of filing can be FILED NOW. Good podcast listening op! They got put in the shed. Carrying onto next list!


7. Washing, ironing, folding – it’s ongoing, but hasn’t been properly finished (ie: no ironing done) for many weeks! About to iron but have kept this up nicely.

8. Tidy house for inspection on Friday (and praise the cleaner coming Thursday afternoon). YES!

9. Pack for trips. About to – have been gathering bits and pieces for the past couple of days.

10. Move kids’ bedrooms around? Still trying to figure out how that’s going to work.

11. Slush reading for One Small Step.

12. Reading for other FableCroft projects not yet announced :)

Hmm. So not as good as I’d hoped, but many of those jobs will wait, others might get done over the next week. I’m happy with what I achieved, anyway, and got a LOT of jobs done for husband as well, which needed to be done. It’s a start!

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