Big day

Yesterday was a big day. It was my last day at work at Launceston Church Grammar School, where I have been employed since January this year (lucky enough to be offered the job before we moved). It was interesting, leaving another job so soon. I’ve been in workplaces shorter times (thanks to the transient nature of my husband, mainly!) but did four years at Kolbe before this, so it was a bit different. Received lovely cards from various people, and my line manager took my semi-replacement (and colleague friend) and I out to afternoon tea, officially for bit of a handover meeting (and we did talk about the job – a bit), so that was nice. And another chapter ends. Not sure when/if I’ll go back into a school library setting – it’ll be a goodly few years I reckon, while the two youngest are at home, but never say never!

Yesterday was also big in that our Rockingham house went officially on the market. This is a bit sad-making, but I keep telling myself it was too small for us anyway – four kids need more space! We got lucky with good tenants this year, and apparently the market is quite good, so fingers crossed we get some interest, either from investors or families.

Yesterday I finished my first big batch of uni marking (academia seems to be my next career step at the moment, as I can do it from home!). Have to start another (much smaller) batch today, but it was good to get the first lot done.

Yesterday in the post I received an invitation to the Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia’s 2011/2012 Outstanding Professional Service Awards ceremony, which I have been nominated for! A lovely surprise.

Yesterday I received my copy of Under My Hat (edited by the very clever Jonathan Strahan) and my supporter’s bundle for the Locus kickstarter; Master Two had his last day at daycare (officially); and I received a message from Master Nine’s teacher saying how proud she was of him for his performance at school assembly, both in the class play and as co-host. Seems a lot happened. And we keep on moving forward 🙂

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