Another week down

Where does the time go? Another three days finished at work – just three left! And on the inbetween days, I’m up to my neck in university marking, so super busy. Trying to stay on top of FableCroft, reviews and Aurealis Awards things too – what is this word people say, “boredom”? I know it not! And today there was new Doctor Who – woo! I’m only a newbie fangirl, but I loves it and even though today is Fathers’ Day and we actually have husband home to celebrate, I still stole 50 minutes to watch it on ABC iView this morning (THANK YOU ABC AUSTRALIA!) after pancakes and presents.

Worked out this week that this will be the first year husband is home for everyone’s birthday, Fathers’ Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary, New Year, the works. He sometimes gets a couple of them on his weeks off, but this year, ALL! Amazing.

We decided to put our WA house on the market – we have fabulous tenants, but thought we’d take advantage of the reasonable sales figures in the area and try again. Far better than this time last year apparently, so fingers crossed.

Master Nine had his last soccer game for the season yesterday, and presentations today. Chuffed that they all got a trophy and certificate, plus a choccy and not only a team photo but an individual one as well. A friendly club. We stopped at Maccas for lunch after, and Master Two was delighted to see a friend from daycare there to play with. No sooner did she leave than his mate Nate turned up with his mum and dad, which was great as husband hadn’t met them and we’ve been seeing quite a lot of them. Nate’s four, but he and M2 get along really well!

Anyway, need to take advantage of the fact husband and toddler are asleep and big kids engrossed in computer things, and get back to the marking. And not be distracted by the dissection of the new DW ep!

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