It’s been a busy but apparently productive couple of days. I think I’ll blame the new iron tablets for the fact I’ve felt like getting stuff done and then actually doing it! From Friday to today I have:

  • input all the tax info into spreadsheet and sent both electronic and postal copies off to the accountant.
  • completed washing (folding forthcoming in front of Life on Mars tonight!).
  • Started marking first batch of uni assignments (and sent first one off to moderation by lecturer – on track!).
  • Taken children to two birthday parties, soccer, swimming and playdates.
  • Attended and read at National Reading Hour at Launceston LINC (I read from Catherynne M Valente’s “A Delicate Architecture”, reprinted in To Spin a Darker Stair – Dirk Flinthart also attended and read “Best Dog in the World” from Worlds Next Door. I was impressed he got through it without crying, but I think it was a close thing!).
  • Mostly tidied kid-messed house (after lovely new cleaner left it so clean on Thursday).
  • Read a bunch of submissions for One Small Step (RIP Neil Armstrong).
  • Scheduled next week/fortnight of reviews for ASIF and WASLA Reviews.
  • Parcelled up books for reviewers and FableCroft purchases.
  • Failed to write some outstanding reviews (but managed to read a couple more books!).
  • Parcelled up kids’ clothes for passing on to friends/family.
  • Troubleshot for stressed uni students (for sessional job).
  • Hugged my kids!
  • I think there’s more in there, but I’ve forgotten 🙂

Feeling pleased with myself as I’m starting to get on top of things, fingers crossed. Have to keep up, as I’ve a lot of marking over the next eight weeks and can’t afford to get behind as there’s this pressing deadline (currently kicking me madly!) that won’t be put off! Keeping on keeping on – six days of work left!

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