Another two days down

Two more days done and ticked of the diminishing tally of days left at work. Just SEVEN left! I woke up this morning thinking somehow it was Friday, but luckily remembered before too much damage was done (except an email apologising to a friend for missing our Skype meeting – which I hadn’t!). Today has been very productive in small ways – had my first appointment with new GP and I’m very happy. Thank goodness! Followed that with a walk to the Mac Shop to take in non-starting Air (verdict: is dead. Ah well, we got our $50 worth out of it!). Then we wandered back to the car to drive out to the airport, where I had to find the car husband had parked there to get the VIN (long story), and then back to our local shops for: visit to chemist (latest bloods suggest iron levels getting low); EB Games for a birthday voucher for kid party on weekend; some shop for birthday cards; first bakery for lunch; newsagent; hairdresser for toddler cut (with bonus screaming but not too much wriggling – win); second bakery for afternoon tea goodies. And then home, to await visit from newly engaged cleaner (at LAST! She’s very nice).

Master Two conked out for a big nap after that, and one of Miss Six’s friend’s mum rang later to ask if I’d like her to collect M6 from school to save me the trip (Master Nine goes straight to soccer) – would I EVER! Meant M2 could sleep himself out, and instead I had two batches of friends visit for a noisy, chaotic and fun afternoon. One two year old, two four year olds and two six/seven year olds plus three adults. Very nice.

Work again tomorrow (and the joy of coming home to a house someone ELSE has cleaned – ah, have missed that feeling!), and I really need to start marking this first batch of assignments on Friday. Hoping to go for a swim or a play somewhere with M2 though (tried to book daycare for Fri but couldn’t get it – will definitely need some next week with all the marking though!). Busy times ahead! Two weeks until school hols!

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