More days go by – time flies!

I really don’t know where time goes to these days. When you’re a kid, a year drags by forEVER, but these days, it seems you can blink and miss entire months! I saw a meme today that said it’s 19 weeks until Christmas. WHAT?! In between now and then, I’ve got two kid birthdays, my birthday, husband’s birthday, a new baby, parents’ anniversary, a nephew birthday, a niece birthday, two trips interstate, finishing up a job, four bouts of uni marking (thus far), and the end of a house lease to deal with (at LEAST). I need a time machine or something!

Having said that, part of the reason time is flying is because I’m not bored. I don’t actually remember what boredom is. I see it vaguely, when I’m reading a rubbish book, but that’s easily put aside and forgotten. Busy equates to time going fast, and I’m pretty much always busy (even when busy means sitting on the couch cuddling kids!). This past few days has been no exception. Did a big clean up Thursday evening after husband went back to work, following through to Friday morning when even the steam mop got a workout! Had first batch of visitors Friday morning for a couple of hours (during which two small boys playing well negated the effect of much of the prior cleaning, but that’s the way it goes!). A couple of hours to myself to do a few catchup jobs in the afternoon, then Emma arrived from Hobart. Monissa also came to visit for a couple of hours, and the Flintharts dashed in to scoop up Miss Six, so it was a pleasantly social time. Unfortunately neither Em nor I felt 100% well, so we piked out with an early night. Hopefully next visit will allow more gossip time 🙂

A rugged up kid freezing at soccer.

Saturday saw an early start as Master Nine had to be at soccer early for a team photo – was flipping freezing at the grounds despite the sun, thanks to a vicious wind, so I dropped his gear with his mate’s mum and took off (still haven’t heard how that game went – he’s slept over at his friend’s and seeing the lovely day outside, is no doubt off fishing!), heading to Scottsdale for the Flinthart birthday party. Which was chaotic and hectic and fun. Master Two coped very well despite not getting his sleep, though we packed it in about 3.30 and both kids zonked in the car! A quiet, and once more early, night for us!

Thanks to the Writer and the Critic podcast, I bought a copy of Maggie Stiefvater’s novel The Scorpio Races late yesterday, and pretty much couldn’t do anything else until I finished it. This is despite the many tasks (and dozens of other books) requiring attention. Listening to podcasts is dangerous for your productivity (and bank balance!). But I’ve finished it now, and am ready to tackle the mountains of folding/ironing, and the tax, which are my main goals for today. And some review writing. And submission reading. And a play in the park. It never stops!

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