There’s a reason many mothers give up work

I had Monday off as I was ill. At 11am today I got a phone call asking me to collect my sick six year old. That means I worked a total of about one and half days this week. Given I’ve now got just nine working days left at this job, that’s a big time impact! I’ve written before about how hard it can be when you’re basically a single parent most of the time, trying to share one allocation of sick days between four (soon to be five!) people, and weeks like this one make you even more conscious of how difficult it can be to continue a career when you have small kids! Also reinforces why I’m working hard to try to build networks that let me do paid work from home.

What other news since last posting? We had a house guest last week, a young fellow down from Brisbane to try his hand at mining with husband. We took a drive to Scottsdale on Saturday to collect two smaller houseguests for Saturday night, Flinthart progeny. Managed to get them all in bed asleep by 10ish, because we had to get up early on Sunday, girls (plus toddler) and I to head to a birthday party in Hobart, boys plus husband on a fishing expedition (unsuccessful, but that was not the point!). Good day was had by all, despite a fall from trampoline for Miss Flinthart.

Husband and I went to inspect a house for sale at Fingal on Wednesday. Nice drive, cuppa with friends, and a very pretty house on 10 acres, but just a bit too compact for us. Really wish we knew where we wanted to live!

Not a lot else interesting going on. Cleaning, washing, reading subs, reading judging books, uploading reviews, starting new venture (more on that to follow!), you know, the usual! My big excitement for today was registering for an upgrade to Business Class for one leg of my Perth trip in September! Have never travelled BC so wanted to try it out on what will probably be my last chance for a while. Fingers crossed I get the upgrade!

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