Yes, it’s been busy

I gave myself a day at home alone today, with the intention of finally hooking in to the new course I enrolled in. Ah, the best laid plans… I initially looked like having from 8.30 to 5.30 to myself. But then Miss Six’s playdate cancelled. Then Master Nine’s soccer cancelled. So that cut the time down. I booked Master Two in to daycare, figuring today was a good day to get my one hour sit around blood test done, and at least I’d get a few hours study in. I dropped the kids off at respective places, took my study guides with me, found the comfy seats at the pathology clinic (which was very kindly playing the Olympics on telly as well – quite a relaxing hour actually!) and settled in. It took me about half an hour to realise that a) I was already four weeks behind on the course (I enrolled late, then had no time to start looking at the materials) and b) it was very unlikely I could do justice to the subject this semester, given everything else on my plate. Boo.

Blood was taken by a lovely chatty nurse (who interestingly had also studied editing and publishing AND library!) and I headed home to unenrol myself from the subject. Ah well, I know I’ve made the sensible decision, so will see how things shape up for 2013!

Things have been pretty busy though – am doing work for husband’s business to keep him on the straight and narrow (and sending him the invoices each month is rather fun!); I’ve got at least two batches of paid university work, with possibly a third to come; I’ve still got four weeks or so of work at the “real” job; and a bunch of little bits and pieces to be done between now and the baby, including finalising some judging, another issue of ic3, slushing for One Small Step and some other FableCroft projects (to be revealed), reviewing and so on. Oh, and getting stuff ready for the baby! And a trip to QLD to see the family (interspersed with a jaunt to WA for the announcement of the WA Premier’s Book Awards!). No, not busy at all really…

Plus, it’s interesting to discover that making new friends, and taking time to see friends, impacts on how much one can achieve at home! I’d forgotten, having got used to again living my social life online! Oops 🙂 But that’s all to the good. So I’m being smart, and saying no to some stuff. There’ll be time later, right??

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  1. Elena

    Lian Tanner came to our school today and talked about lots of things. I got inspired. She came and did a writer’s workshop. I enjoyed that. I am from Mt Nelson Primary.

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