Pregnancy update

We found out a couple of weeks ago that our private health cover doesn’t include obstetrics. I’m certain it did when we took out the cover, but it doesn’t now. This means that our pregnancy plan had a rather dramatic reshuffle, which was very frustrating. Had my final appointment with the lovely obstetrician yesterday, and bumped in to the general hospital under “shared care” today. The staff at the hospital also seem lovely, which is reassuring (not that I actually doubted it – we’ve had great public hospital care in the past, but it’s a new place, so you know…). I’ve also made an appointment with a new GP (one who was recommended by a doctor friend of ours). Could have chosen to just go with the hospital clinic, but we need a family GP anyway, so it’s a good way to get to know one, particularly as we’ve already had a bad experience here, and have had a hard time actually getting accepted as a patient (half a dozen places we first tried weren’t taking new patients).

Everything is going well though, proceeding apparently as normal, which is nice. I have a glucose blood test in a couple of weeks, then just regularly scheduled appointments between GP & hospital I guess until early November, when it will, it seems, be baby time! Gracious, time goes quickly.

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  1. That happened to us 14 years ago when I was pregnant with Jessie. I rang the insurance company (Medibank) and talked to people until I found someone high enough to change the policy. I had a policy with them for 20 years (through parents and on my own) and they shafted me! I was not going to take it lying down! Don’t know if it’s worth trying them again?

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