Being a better mummy

Heh, well, I feel like I’m finally getting to closer to the mum I want to be, rather than the mum I HAVE been in the past six months. While I’m still surgically attached to the internet (it feels like), I have managed, in the past three days, to:

  • take youngest swimming (and meet a new friend)
  • take 9 year old to soccer, and actually watch (most of) it
  • spend some one to one time with Miss Six, including brushing of hair (which we used to always do together, but she’s so self-sufficient now that it’s a treat!)
  • take children + friends to a play place for three hours of energetic fun
  • have friends for playdate for the afternoon
  • feed and clothe children appropriately (including finishing washing, folding and putting away!)
  • tidy house (vacuuming and things away)
  • filing twelve months of paperwork (well, it’s sorted at least, if not actually filed).

I didn’t get to the grocery store, but I did a shop online tonight to pick up on the way home tomorrow. Could not face going out at 5.30 this afternoon when the last visiting friend got collected.

Much of this sounds like regular everyday stuff, and it IS stuff we’ve been doing during the past several months, but this weekend it didn’t feel annoying to do, I didn’t resent doing it because I had so much else to do at home – it felt right and I was happy to be hanging out with my kids. I like that feeling. It’s nice to have it back.

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