More days off!

I’ve done my one day at work this week (two days off as school was closed for mid-year break, plus new regular part-time days added up to that!) and now have three delicious days off again. Decided to start out a bit more energetically than usual, and after we dropped the big kids at school, Master Two and I headed to the aquatic centre. First time the two of us have just hung out doing something all year I reckon! We were practically the only ones there to start with, which was very pleasant, but things gradually got a little busier. And then we met people! A very pleasant woman with her four year old, who have just moved here from South Australia (just as in, this week!). We had a lovely chat while the boys played, and then ended up having a cuppa together. Exchanged numbers even! It might sound a bit silly to be excited about this, but actually, it’s pretty hard to meet new friends, so it’s quite cool.

Am now working on house tidying, washing and starting the mountains of filing to work on the tax, while M2 naps. And then it will be time to collect big kids! Have soccer tomorrow (hope the weather is as nice as it is today), and have organised on Sunday to take a few kids to Treasure Island for the morning – see, already I’m being a better mummy now that I’m part-time! Just wait 🙂

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