Okay, where did that six day break go?

Thanks to my new part-time roster, combined with mid-year break/boarders’ weekend, I’ve had a six day break. It’s been very pleasant, but you know how when you’ve got more time than usual, you don’t ever get as much done? Yeah. Instead of just hooking in and doing things, I’ve been very leisurely about it. Case in point, the washing. Still not done after six days off (and a couple of days off before that too, really, thanks to sick daughter). Partly done a few times, but never completely – silly really, as I’ve had loads of time! I crammed three movies in at the cinema (finished up with Ice Age 4 yesterday – it was fine. I enjoyed Denis Leary and Peter Dinklage mostly. And pirates!). Kids had some play dates with their mates. I read a bit. Organised some paperwork (but in no way actually started the filing, despite the fact I could have all the tax at the accountant now). Hmmm. Booked a bunch of travel arrangements for self/kids/husband. Read some slush for One Small Step. Not sure what else really! Always hate that feeling like I haven’t actually achieved anything, particularly when it’s “bonus” time!

We were going to visit Tansy and the family, which would have been great, but in the end I slacked out, after husband changed his plans about ten times – all too hard! Hopefully we still get to catch up with them soon.

I did have a scan (repeat morph) on Monday – Miss Six was happy because she got to come this time. All looks well. But other than than, some shopping and the movies, mostly I’ve been hanging out on the internet. Oops. Ah well, have one day at work this week (tomorrow) then three more days off – can’t really complain, and hopefully, once my darling husband goes back to his other work, I’ll get more done. Those frequent cups of tea breaks really hack into your day!

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