Spider-Man and Snow White – a movie kind of day

We have two extra days off this week, thanks to mid-year break/boarders’ weekend for school. Master Two still has daycare booked though, so it meant the big kids and I could catch a movie or two! We arranged to meet one of Master Nine’s mates for The Amazing Spider-Man around lunch time (we had a baby scan this morning – all looks good!). I’ve seen the Tobey Maguire Spidey movies more time than I can count, thanks to a kid who just loved all things Spidey for a few years, and I though this one held up pretty well. I really enjoyed some of the casting, I loved Gwen Stacy, and thought the effects were pretty well done. It was perhaps a bit long – a few parts went on a bit much, to the point I was actually checking my watch to see how long was left of the movie! But I liked that it was a bit less cartoony than the Raimi version, though I like that too – different enough, although I still wish Hollywood would make some new films!

Anyway, Master Nine was taken off for a sleepover with said mate, and I realised that Miss Six and I had enough time before picking up M2 from daycare to sneak in Snow White and the Huntsman. Now, despite the fact it stars Kristen Stewart, when I first started seeing previews to this, I was a bit excited.

Fair enough, right? If this was the movie we got, it would have been pretty cool, yeah? But then the reviews started coming in, and it seemed the film was probably a bit flat. So I wasn’t too fussed if I didn’t see it at the cinema, not really a priority. But it was there, and we had time, so we watched it. And, well, I think it was okay. I think I think it was okay because my expectations were pretty low anyway. There was some very pretty film-making. Some cool action sequences (I particularly enjoyed William’s archery). But, to counteract that, there was some dull dialogue, odd story choices, and pointless scenes as well. It was much more fairytale-ish than I had anticipated, which was nice, but this wasn’t really balanced with the grittiness of the rest of the film. Stewart as Snow White was both better than I expected, but a little boring too (not, I think, entirely her fault – here I believe scripting and plot let the character down more than the actor). I liked Hemsworth’s performance a lot, and thought many of the other characters were well played, within scripted limitations. Theron was a bit disappointing – perhaps TOO over the top?


I found myself frequently thinking, right, she’s been locked in a tower for 10 years, how come she’s so fit? How come she rides so well? How can she run so fast for so long? How come the queen gave her such sensible boots to wear in the tower, that were so very necessary on her journey?

The “love triangle” was a bit pointless and non-eventish. The two men just got on with supporting Snow White, regardless of what her feelings were, and there wasn’t, for me, enough buildup of the Huntsman’s feelings to justify the idea that he loved her (or she him), but William I would have believed. The Huntman’s feelings seemed a little too tied up in his dead wife for it to be believable. And Stewart and Hemsworth had no chemistry whatsoever, I don’t think!

I loved Ian McShane’s appearance – the dwarf effects were pretty cool (though I was a bit surprised that dwarf actors weren’t used, as in other films).

In all, I’m not sorry I watched it – it was visually quite wonderful, and there were some genuinely good bits. But it did not live up to the promise it could have had.

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