In hindsight…

… I think my bad day started yesterday. Possibly even Monday, actually, when I had to collect Miss Six from school, “sick” (where “sick” means complaining of a very bad headache with no other apparent symptoms – high temperatures did manifest later, but really have no clue what is wrong with her). This meant a half day off work, followed by a full day off yesterday, which was at least productive. But last night I received the month’s bundled phone bill to find the delightful surprise of nearly $200 worth of calls on the remote house phone that we don’t use. Apparently the local boys feel quite comfortable letting themselves into the house and racking up the bill. Was very VERY cross and disconnected said phone immediately. This inconveniences me and makes me cranky – the only reason we had the phone on in the first place is because there is no mobile phone service up there. Without the landline, no contact with husband/kids (when they go up there “camping”) is available. Cross.

And things just kept getting better today. First appointment for the day was the local hospital, to “check in” for baby’s birth. Got halfway through the paperwork when a helpful lady pointed out that we actually didn’t have obstetric cover on our health insurance. What?! We’ve had that cover since 2010 and were told at the time it was the right one for us. Apparently health insurance providers make a habit of changing things, including what you’re covered for with your level, without bothering to usefully tell the customers. And of course, the waiting period of twelve months still applies, even though we’re current members. Bravo.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably not going to matter. No private room after caesar is probably the biggest annoyance. Other than probably not being able to go to the obstetrician we’ve found, which will be very frustrating, as we’re finding it extremely difficult to get a GP (one who is competent, anyway). Have an appointment for scan there next week anyway, so will find out then. *sigh*

And so I was feeling a bit fragile already. Have been desperately needed my hair done and today was the first chance to do so without kids in tow. Of course, the hairdresser I’d been going to couldn’t fit me in. I walked around the corner to another salon and after almost being turned away, got an appointment. Lovely girl, seemed very competent, did a great colour. And then butchered my cut. It’s hideous. FAR too short at the front, and seems like about the only thing I’ll be able to do is clip the ragged mess back until it grows out. Not what I was hoping for, actually.

But that wasn’t the end. No, then I had to go to a meeting with Master Nine’s teacher, who is really concerned he is not working anywhere near his potential (he’s not), but also told me she’d had two letters of concern from other parents because he had (supposedly while playing a stupid boy game), bent a couple of kids’ fingers back enough to cause damage. Now I can deal with trying to help the kid improve academically – I understand some of the reasons he’s not really having a go, and I know he CAN do better, but I was floored by the stupid violence bit. Particularly as it was the first I’d heard of it (yet it must have happened last week). He’s a kid, kids do stupid things, but it still upset me, because he’s such a gentle creature generally.

So in all, not a brilliant couple of days, for the most part. In fact, have had a fair few hits since last Thursday. Really hope things pick up soon. Really feel a little down, and don’t want to handle much else. /whinge


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2 responses to “In hindsight…

  1. How awful a day(week) for you 😦 *cuddle* I’ve had a horrible haircut before and I know how miserable it makes you feel to have it look and feel all wrong. I hope that it can be styled in a way that eases the discomfort while you grow it out again (if that’s what you wish). Hope things with kids improve and that dealing with hospital and baby stuff has some ease to it. *love and well wishes from Perth*

  2. Poor Tehani! How delinquent of those little buggers to break in and use your phone, and when you don’t have the mobile as an alternative! And then to have your private recovery room taken away (arrgh!) and your hair mucked up (arghh!) and your kid in trouble, probably just for trying to find his place in the pecking order of a new school (arrghh!).

    If MIss Six has the same flu that we did (the really fun H3N2 one), let me mention that the Small One grizzled over a headache and sore back/legs/tummy for about the first 10 days. She had a fever, but no coughing or sore throat or obviously respiratory stuff until much later.

    And the thought of your family getting it makes me annoyed all over again about how you don’t get enough sick days for yourself, much less for being home nurse while a whole family rides it out!

    Lots of squeezy hugs and I hope random happy surprises land on you all next week.

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