Sick day (not me, one of the kids!)

Miss Six is home sick today. There have been some horrid bugs going around. My immediate line manager and a co-worker were down for a week each recently, the kids’ school apparently had about a quarter of the students out ill yesterday. Knock on wood, we’re drifting past much of it (Master Two was crook on the holidays, but coped okay and recovered well), but on Sunday M6 started complaining of a headache. We, being the disbelieving parents that we are, sent her off to bed to sleep it off. She moaned a bit on Monday morning (okay, a LOT) but then bucked up and got ready. I had two phone calls from her school before lunch time, so I collected her. She had a nap, a bit of medicine, and perked up again, but at 3.30 this morning had a high temp, so I resigned myself to another sick day for a child, rather than me!

It’s been fairly productive at home, so I can’t really complain, despite the fact I have so much to do at work (and now that I’m officially part-time, far less time to accomplish it in before I finish up at the end of the term!). Have washed and tidied, written a couple of book reviews, done some reading for a short story competition I’m judging, answered important emails and sorted out some FableCroft stuff, including starting submission reading! M6 has had a very quiet day, but still complaining of the headache and periodic temperature spikes. No other apparent symptoms at this point, so I’m REALLY hoping this goes away quickly without manifesting anything more dire! Fingers crossed.

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