A homelife updatelife

We’ve been back at school – can you tell by the radio silence? Had our 19 week scan last Monday, all looks well and we know the gender (can’t say it in public though, because Granna doesn’t want to know!). Feeling lots of little wriggles now, and looking on the scans bubs is rather active indeed, which could mean I’m in for a bit of booting about as growth continues!

I’ve been granted part-time status at work as of next week (full-time was not fun for family life), and it seems I’ll be finishing up in early September. It’s a bit earlier than I’d hoped, but it’s what the school wants. So I’m now on a deadline to try to either finish up the things I started with high hopes at the beginning of the year, or at least put in place the processes so others can follow them through!

We had the lovely Helen with us from Friday evening through to early Monday – did lots of driving about, looking at houses, and visiting the Flintharts out Scottsdale way. A delightful weekend, and I can’t wait until Helen & family move here permanently!

Really not much else to add – looking forward to a little more time at home to keep up with things!

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