So this is the end of the holidays

And what have I done? Not quite as much as I would have liked, but I’m relatively satisfied! The list!

  • Sort the garage – need to be able to get the car inside, and hopefully find space for some gym gear for husband. Think I need to call this a Work in Progress. Husband has fitted new gym gear in, but no hope for car yet. However, I did find lots of things I was looking for and did some sorting and throwing out.
  • Sort the kids clothes – pack up too smalls, find next size up hand-me-downs for Master Two, find the baby clothes! Didn’t get past Master Two’s drawers, but did unearth all the bags of packed away clothes ready to look through for a) baby b) next size up for M2. Will now wait until after scan tomorrow to start going through those!
  • Sort my clothes – find the maternity clothes and see what will fit for the next few months. Nope.
  • Clean the house (it’s not too bad, but the bathrooms need a proper clean). Ironing achieved and all put away, thanks to a binge on Game of Thrones! Floors are a mess thanks to a bunch of rain and mud being trekked through, but everything else pretty tidy. Never did get to the bathrooms properly – maybe next weekend 🙂
  • Filing and preparation for tax – I won’t have time to do it at the end of July. Erm, no.
  • Mailout Epilogue and do the promo work for that.  ALL DONE! I’ve even closed my spreadsheet, meaning all payments and mailouts are complete!
  • Launch the 2012 Aurealis Awards entries (that’s a cheat – I don’t have to do much for that!). 
  • Visit friends!Would always like to fit more of this in, but we had an afternoon with the Flintharts yesterday, and considering poor M2 has been unwell, we’ll have to be satisfied. Wish we’d got to do some more driving about looking at Tasmania, but well, we didn’t.
  • Write a gazillion book reviews – YES! 10 11 reviews written and sent to respective reviewing outlets! A couple of children’s books with deadlines (won’t take long). ACHIEVEMENT!

And of course, I did finish the 35 hour contract I picked up at the beginning of the holidays, which was interesting to do. And we saw a movie! While I do still have things that need to be accomplished, I’m happy that I’m ready to head back to work tomorrow feeling a little more on top of things. Lots to throw myself at at work as well, so will be a busy time, but I kind of prefer being busy (oh, you hadn’t noticed?!). Off now to make a swag of sandwiches for kids’ lunches for the week ahead!

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