Brave – a brief review

I just came home from watching Brave with the kids. I really enjoyed it, and the kids did too, even Master Two, who sat through most of it without his 3D glasses on but coped admirably (this is an achievement, as I’ve not tried to take him to the cinema for a while – last time was a debacle!). I think this movie has great messages in it for adults (especially those of us who are mothers) and teens, and is probably a bit scary for lots of younger kids, but there’s a lot to like. Merida is awesome, and believably so, both when she’s just being herself and when she’s arguing with her mother. I loved that it’s a story about family love, and particularly about the love between a mother and daughter – how many of THOSE do we get? I won’t say it’s faultless, but I liked it a lot – well worth checking it out.

Also, Merida’s HAIR is wonderful!

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  1. Carl V.

    Catching this with the family this weekend. It has been high on my radar all year.

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