Four days left

Why do holidays go so darn QUICKLY? We’ve just four days left of our three week break and time simply has vanished, I’m certain. The list does not look so healthy:

  • Sort the garage – need to be able to get the car inside, and hopefully find space for some gym gear for husband. Hmm, some progression, but not nearly enough. Can probably fit the gym gear, but not the car!
  • Sort the kids clothes – pack up too smalls, find next size up hand-me-downs for Master Two, find the baby clothes! Have done Master Two’s drawers. I’ll take that as a start! No further progress since then!
  • Sort my clothes – find the maternity clothes and see what will fit for the next few months. Nope.
  • Clean the house (it’s not too bad, but the bathrooms need a proper clean). It’s no messier than before – and all the folding is done and put away. Just ironing left to get on top of it! And since then, the ironing and folding have piled up once more, but the rest of the house is relatively tidy. Never did get the proper clean done for the bathrooms.
  • Filing and preparation for tax – I won’t have time to do it at the end of July. Erm, no.
  • Mailout Epilogue and do the promo work for that.  Actually, still some more mailout to do, now that my errant boxes have returned home. Will do that tomorrow.
  • Launch the 2012 Aurealis Awards entries (that’s a cheat – I don’t have to do much for that!). 
  • Visit friends! I’m confident we achieved this reasonably well – I even had a visit from a friend from work today! 
  • Write a gazillion book reviews – YES! 10 reviews written and sent to respective reviewing outlets! Just one book since finished to be reviewed, and a couple of children’s books with deadlines (won’t take long). ACHIEVEMENT!

To be fair, I did pick up a 35 hour contract for a database company that has sucked up a lot of the time I expected to have – the job was interesting though, and I’ve enjoyed doing it. Just wish I could have another week off now to finish all the things!

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