A proper holidays day

Today we really did have holidays. I had two extra kids from 8am, which was, hmm, noisy! Not at all conductive to work of any kind, especially as I wanted to ensure the two ring-ins didn’t annoy each other too much (ah, sibling love!). We lasted about two hours (after dropping friends at airport) while Miss Six napped, recovering from her sleepover last night, then I chivvied all five into the car and we went OUT. Didn’t do dishes, didn’t do washing, didn’t vacuum and didn’t do anything else I thought I might have today!

We stopped first at Cataract Gorge, which really is lovely, but not the best spot before midday in mid-winter it seems – a beautiful crisp clear day, but because the sun hadn’t had a chance to hit the play area yet, it was very damp, so Master Two couldn’t play on much and the big kids got pretty dirty. M2 was already a bit ferally tired, so didn’t want to drag him off for a big walk, so piled them all back to the car and we drove on!

I stopped briefly in at work to see if a couple of parcels had arrived for me there (one had, thanks Paul Collins!) and then decided to try out Treasure Island, a kids play zone place I’d had recommended. SO glad we did! We got there about 12.15, and managed to bag a couch to sit on (all the tables were taken, but not the very comfy lounges – most odd!). And then I barely saw the children for the next three and a half hours, bar a brief interlude for food. Bliss! It’s lovely and clean and fairly new looking, and wasn’t at all packed. M2 played very happily in the toddler area for at least half an hour, before the lure of the big kids’ section got to him. But with four older kids to keep an eye on him and help him out, he had no problems!

Ring ins’ mum joined us just after 3, and we eventually left about 3.45 – three and a half hours is pretty impressive! I actually finished the book I’d taken with me (not a small book!), the kids were so good – luckily I had another on my phone to go one with 🙂 I’ll go there again, although I will admit, usually Master Nine gets a bit bored at places like that, so it’s important to have like aged company, as with today. Very pleasant afternoon indeed.

So we came home and snuggled on the couch for a while (M2 hadn’t had a nap, so was pretty weary), had baths, and achieved little else. Proper holiday day! Cleanup commences in the morning 🙂

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